Sunday, June 19, 2005

This was written while I was disconnected...

So something have gone horribly wrong with airtravel... My conculusion is a follows. Business and first class fares are the only ones that make money for airlines. So they collude with airports to insure that terminals are so miserable that you'll consider buying a business class ticket not because you git a bigger seat but becasue you want access to the lounge. airline loyality programs are the biggest screw-job ever because as soon as you don't travel enough to make their cutoff your sense of entitlement demands either that you fly more for lounge access or that you buy more expensive tickets. If neither is possible (neither is desireable), the all you're left with is the bitter aftertaste of some crappy perks that almost made the experience bearable.

Back before the place filled up with business class lounges terminal 2 at LAX had a couple restraunts upstairs where you could have a sit-down dinner and a cocktail before your flight... Now it's full of business class and international lounges that you can't access. All the food is crammed downstairs, with twice as many people as where intended in fit in the terminal are now there.

Also. boingo hostspot setup offers abysmal performance. and appears to require software to work properly... Thata'll work well on a linux box. Pig Fuckers. The boingo wireless webpage has been loading for about 10 minutes I see the signal level at -78dBm and the Noise Level at -86dBm so it ain't me.

In order to get power I'm am sitting againt a wall behind a trashcan.

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