Friday, September 30, 2005


Isn't there a get smart episode featuring a floating island with a really huge outboard motor?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Re: I want one of these... (fwd)

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honda fit:

it's smaller sibling the life:


it's seems likely that the 1.5l one will be the one coming to the US rather
than the 1.3l

On Thu, 29 Sep 2005, Nat Jaeggli wrote:

> Maybe here in Spring 06...

Germans to the rescue!

With pressure sensor beer mats.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


American servicemen back to their responsible actvities...

Desecrating the dead, violating the geneva convention...

I find it ironic that dead iraqi's end up on porn sites but journalists are barred from witnesssing the return of american war dead.

Monday, September 19, 2005

if you can't beat em...

Join em. I guess... So I've been trying to get this laptop to run at it's native resolution for a couple of months now, (1920x1200) and the best I've managed under fedora core4 was 1600x1080.

But there appear to be a couple people running ubuntu who've gotten both the display and acpi sleep working, on this or similar laptops so I figured I would give it a shot. What pushed me over the edge was yesterdays xorg pacakge updates in fedora core 4 broke my xorg.conf config which in all fairness to fedora was hanging by a thread anyway.

So my "old" 80GB 5400rpm laptop drive is swapped out right now and an "older" 20GB 4200rpm drive that sounds like death warmed over has been swapped in.

Sure enough, with a minor tweak to the video bios X comes up in 1920x1200, yeah baby 2.3 million pixels.

So, the folks that have the latitude d610 models and the inspiron 9300 models both of which appear to share common components with the 6000 have gotten acpi sleep to work on this thing. If that works, then I am really and truelly set on this thing, the fact that I may end up running some bizare debian related abomination not-withstanding. it's eitehr that or muck this stuff back into fedora, which I may or may not have the energy for.


excellent latitud d610 page:

inspiron 9300 page with some kernel hacks:

a slightly less useful ubuntu page on the 6000 which got me headed in the right direction at least:

two debian pages:

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


are badass apparently

holy shit!

This guy leads the free world!

on kcrw

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Seen on weblog

FEDEX delivers inside NOLA

<scannerlr> [FEMAr] fedex custom critical vehicle (unt) eoc, can you
coordinate to get them back to i-10 via (unt)
<scannerlr> [FEMAr] (unt)
<scannerlr> [FEMAr] rgr, you need a state police escort for a fedex to
get him out to i10 and us90?
<scannerlr> [FEMAr] stbernard eoc and getting down i10 and us90 westbound

Some url's

A wikipedia article explaining what all the new pentioum 4 variants are
since I can't remember. I can't keep track of all this shit anymore, I
must be getting old or something.

Some photo's I was cruising yesterday so I don't loose the the link.

keitai watch

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Seen this before I think...

More of a nomadic structure than something like the parastitic homeless
shelter. The fact that it doesn't pack flat I guess makes it less portable
that it couple otherwise be.

The big question I have after seeing all their little structures, is where
do I buy plastic tetrahedrons in large quantities?

Spotted on irc...

#disasternews on efnet is a transcipt of the national guard and first responder radio chatter around New Orleans.

[FEMAl] nola air we sent seahawk out to 3 elderly
individuals and they were barbecueing on the roof and waved us off

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The best thing David Brooks ever said.

When he's not being a republican toady (oh wait, I'm sorry, appologist) on the evening news he's actually almost cogent. Today he refered to the hurricane response, as the anti-9/11 because of the way in which it will undermine (rightfully so) people's faith in government looking out for their interests.


DAVID BROOKS: This is -- first of all it is a national humiliation to see bodies floating in a river for five days in a major American city. But second, you have to remember, this was really a de-legitimization of institutions.

Our institutions completely failed us and it is not as if it is the first in the past three years -- this follows Abu Ghraib, the failure of planning in Iraq, the intelligence failures, the corporate scandals, the media scandals.

We have had over the past four or five years a whole series of scandals that soured the public mood. You've seen a rise in feeling the country is headed in the wrong direction.

And I think this is the biggest one and the bursting one, and I must say personally it is the one that really says hey, it feels like the 70s now where you really have a loss of faith in institutions. Let's get out of this mess. And I really think this is so important as a cultural moment, like the blackouts of 1977, just people are sick of it.


Friday, September 02, 2005

hitachi disks a a global brand

Hitachi trying to sell disks as something other than a commidity...
Follows the get perpendicular theme, disks as bling. I would suppose that they're trying to build a global brand, which is sort of an interesting thing given that they make so many other products.

I see hard-disks as a necessary evil nothing more. The sooner we get off spinning media the better. If the bit error rate is still related to the number of write cycles, I'm ok with that but when mechcanical wear is still an issue, it just totally sucks. I spent the last week trying to get out from under a failing 1TB raid stripe, restoring the data only started at 1400 friday... By monday I should be golden unless another disk fails.

Well crap! spoke to soon... Another machine failed this evening or well probably about a week ago and it took this long to get really bad. yet another disk problem, or in this case two disk problems, mysql filled up the disk stripe, and one of the disks failed out of the stripe.


Maybe this works:

Looks like the taliban:

looks cool (for a watch)

The right cross section of features, especially, two time zones...

Also this:

isn't bad though two dials is a little gimmicky, and I've never worn a watch that clipped to a belt that wasn't a phone.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Some urls...

map geeks blogging nola flood:

The internet provides the information and you make your own tools... There needs to be more low cost sources of gis instrumentation though...

<rw-tank> one great thing about america is that people never exploit
tragedies for political gain:,1518,372455,00.html

of course this:

is from 2001