Thursday, May 18, 2006

living in 100 square feet

This is a public housing project in hongkong...

How to get that AP density up in a room with 900 wireless users in it.

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We had to get something like 13 radio's to cover this room with something like 900 occupants for the ietf plenary...

Back Again...

Two whole weeks gone by... Oddly enough there wasn't that much to say while I was in Kenya doing the AFNOG workshops.

Now that I'm back though a bunch of things are running throuhg my head. New workshop Materials, maybe some more docuementation, I'd love to do a writeup of how to turn fedora into an industrial strength mailserver, I'd like to expand the radius presentation that I did. There's other things of course. Some small fraction of these ideas will come to fruition if history is any guide.

This struck me this morning: