Sunday, October 30, 2005

So I have this little project where I take pictures of vehicles whose purpose is essentially indefensible. one of the the more absurd one's showed up across from my office in the form a of a c4500 pickup truck.

So if you happen to drive a giant pickup truck for no apparent reason, with the Oregon liscense plate "rimrat" and you're on the U of O basketball team, and you wander around with a posse including some dork playing with a basketball, then you're a fucking moron. There are perfectly valid reasons to need a GMC Kodiak, like this:

ebay kodiak

But dragging the hommie's around isn't a good reason to drive something with a gvw of ~16,000 pounds, and the fuel economy and emissions to match.

Friday, October 21, 2005

I hate the world...

Just goes to prove, I guess that stupid bitches come in all shapes and sizes.

Nice Hilter smileys... Might as well get the NSDAP logo on their too, or would that spoil the mock irony they're aiming for.

Tyrolean dresses, and songs about race-war...

Fall on Campus

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Earlier in october and on campus.

Fall in Eugene

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Early October

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Pretty much what I remember them looking like in 1989, except that Doctor
Pershing's was Red. He probably still has it, (he'd be around 80 I guess)
if he didn't wrap himself and the Carrera S around a power pole or

Even better than last week...

Burn the bodies on camera and call your enemies lady boys... Must be part
of a hearts and minds campaign.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More nokia 770 links...

Sounds like it should be shipping fairly soon. has a blog agregator:

some pictures for a developer that just got one are here:

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ok this is badass...

The first page was hella lame, but the second is cool.

Japanese foxes are a little friendlier than american ones...

edison ac and dc transmission...

Topsy the elephant (Edison was a jackass)

War of current (Fallout with Tesla, Edison was a jackass)

High-voltage DC transmission is quite fascinating...

The Pacific Intertie which runs south from Celilo, through eastern oregon is one of the larger dc transmission lines in the US...

The modern AC-DC transformers for these things are actually solid-state silicon semi-conductor devices.

Sony Ericsson 990 phone porn.

This was just introduced... I'm not sure if I'm supposed to lust after it or not.

Good candidates for Rasterbation...

Inside dust just photo of HST from "fear and loathing on the compaign trail".

Inside detail from a trainstation.

Clone-manga has some intersting projects, I find them slightly macabre and wierd, at the same time they are visually striking and iconic, sort of like falling in love why HR Giger at 14.

Any one of a number of frames from Warren Ellis's transmetropolitan comics

Obviouslly I have a few art-projects built up.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

itunes phone = ass

We knew this already (from reviews)... Now the stock market analyst's have figured it out. Eventually idiocy will be punished by the marketplace...

a review:

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Someone-else's take on the $100 laptop.

Also a device I missed, the dana wireless, a $400 widescreen palmos 4 (dragonball) device with wifi. You have to wonder why it costs as much as it does.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More musing on the simputer.

Some more thoughts on $100 handheld/portable pc's.

So, the Nintendo DS cost about $130, that's about right for a small simputer like pc. Two cpu's, one 66mhz arm-9 and one 33mhz arm-7, one graphics copressor, 4MB main memory, 650k video ram, and 2 x 256x192 color displays, one with touch panel. margins on the DS are presumably suplimented by the sale of games but it seems unlikely that they would actually choose to take a loss on the hardware given that their nearest competitor is either their own products (gb advance) or the the psp which retails for $250. Still, Nintendogs is not a productivity tool.

The zipit, instant messenger device is about $100, with a monochrome 320x240 display, 100mhz arm cpu, 16MB of ram and 2MB of flash, it has linux on it already, but it's pushing the limits of usability for something you're going try and install more software on. It's already been heavily hacked on.

Both of those devices have built-in wifi.

Palm hits $100 for the zire 21 with 8mb of ram and 120mhz arm. The palm has neither wifi nor a backlight for the screen, only a docking connector. The zire 72 gets you 320x320 color, bluetooth, sdio slot, camera, infrared and a 312mhz arm, 8MB flash and 32MB ram, but for $250...

There are a couple gsm phones from asian manufactures that hit the sub-100 mark fairly handily for a contract free handset. In cellphone land though a 200x160 screen is pretty big.

The we have the $100 computer (presumably that's how much it costs to make rather than post markup). For whatever reason they don't envision retail sales.

Nintendo DS, electroplankton...

I may have to get a DS just to play this.

Monday, October 03, 2005

backstory on the Indian simputer project...

Early simputer prototype - from edgereview

newer (faster, more expensive color simputer) - from wikipedia

Slashdot stories back to 2001

One could actually write quite a case study on how not to develop and deploy technology in the 3rd world. but spiraling costs, poor time to market, excessive expectations and politics probably play a part.

What does succeed? Well, Nokia has delivered 1 billion cell phones, given their market share historicaly that pegs the number of total phones on the planet at something like 2-3 billion. The nokia 1100 is probably in-line with a technology that can sufficiently penetrate the low end. That's the sub-$50 or sub-$40 mark rather than the sub $100 or $200 mark... Combine that with no costs for in-calls, cheapish sms, and prepaid services in rather small units $1-5-10 incremenets and it's something that a signficant chunk of the urban 3rd world population, can or will eventually be able to afford.

The rural and semi-rural "subsistence africulture economy" in africa and south asia lives a largely cash-free existance, so any price point that involves numbers may be largely meaningless.

There's another meta-level question. What do you get a computer for? We all know what a phone is for... What's a computer for? lots of things obiviously, however before the broad expansion in the internet, penetration of computers into american homes, had stalled out simply because the killer app hadn't arrived for a sgnificant chunk of the population. Spreadsheets, word processing and hobbyist applications drove adoption for most of the 80's, communication and web access drove the next wave, and the deep penetration of computers into the media space is driving another.

Where do devices like the simputer or the $100 pc fit in the scheme of things? One obvious problem that the simputer has beyond all others is local resellers, something cellphone companies and carriers have figured out. Anti-capitalist, grovernment run computer handouts seem like a predetermined failure. Computer adoption has been driven by precieved need and the economics of aquisition. Governments have a responsibility to lay out provisions for the it needs of their citizens, guide the educational process in their schools, and prime the pump when it comes to technology adoption, but that doesn't occur in a vacum.