Saturday, July 30, 2005

Yet another reason to hate congress...

Gosh you mean people have to patch millions of computers all over the US to reflect the fact that DST lasts an aditional month. In november that means on the 45 paralllel that we all get to travel to work in the dark, sunrise in portland will be at like 0753 on 11/1.

Monday, July 18, 2005


While mining wikipedia for french terrorist related info...

Not one but 4 coup's in the comoros...

Leila Khaled

Protective Imagination

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Nuvo and others

Nuvo stomps around the house.

The uncanny valley, anthropomorphic robots, aliens monsters etc.

Some thoughts for today...

fingerworks has apparently gone down the tubes, so your opportunity to a get a wierd shaped smooth keyboard that's somewhat hard to use has diminished slightly. I'll post a picture of the one we have laying around sometime. After a couple days of using it my input speed never really improved so I gave up on it, but being able to use to mouse dirctly from the keyboard was pretty novel and performance enhancing, sort of like using a vary large touch pad except without have to change your hand position.

An iptables primer that I should probably spend more time with is here:

I finally noticed that a new version of the BigSister monitoring daemon was released last month so I spent a couple hours this morning (wakeful at 0300 is not healthy), upgrading ours and hacking on it for a little while since it had grown some serious cruft since the last time I touched it. I'm still having problem with ranges on the thing with certain stats, interfaces and counters, servers are not supposed to be 400% idle nor is it possible to utilize a gigabit ethernet to 647% of it's capacity.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Some links about the Nokia 770

When I first heard about this thing I was slightly less than enthused. Now I'm not sure. As a Zaurus owner, I'd like linux pda's to work, it was just that with the Zaurus I spent more time noodling with it as a linux box then I did with it as a pda.

For me the compeling pda was actually the palm IIIx, long battery life, and not too functional, everytime I get something more functional I get frustrated when the input methods aren't good enough or it ends up being less than a general purpose computer. The hp winCE 1.0 device, the palm, the clie, the other clie, the zaurus, not one of them really lived up to the promise... The palm at least lived up to it's potential, which was limited.


nokia 770 sdk

Ari Jaaksi Interview

linux devices

jkontherun hands on

blogs (already, the thing doesn't even exist yet)

some screenshots from developed applications

Friday, July 08, 2005

Some urls

nice beat

Monday, July 04, 2005

Some product ideas I'd like to see come to market

solar charged patio lights with decent sized panels...

12" concrete tiles with integrated leds and collectors...

an open-groupware appliance.