Monday, February 24, 2014

packaging junk for the arista linux platform.

Recently I got interested in being able to run applications on my own on Arista switches. arista switch are basically FC14 boxes with some caveats.

starting points.

Monday, November 04, 2013

I wanted a bash prompt that changed based on if I was user or root, but without specifying the username becasue my username is rather long a more compact prompt would be nice. On the mac the hostname changes with dhcp so I just specified what I wanted the machine ot appear as in my prompt.

settled on:

PS1='$(if [[ $USER == root ]]; then  echo "\[\033[0;91m\]R\[\033[0;0m\]@\[\033[0;33m\]mb-aye\[\033[0m\]:\W#"; else echo "\[\033[0;92m\]J\[\033[0;0m\]@\[\033[0;33m\]mb-aye\[\033[0m\]:\W$"; fi)'



Friday, July 12, 2013

Private ASNs

currently in the RFC editer queue expands the private ASN range by adding:

   "The end
   of the "32-bit Autonomous System Numbers" range will be reserved for
   Private Use, and a size of 94,967,295 (value to replace TBD1 below)
   corresponding to the range of 4200000000 (value to replace TBD2
   below) to 4294967294 (value to replace TBD3 below)."

This is over and above what exists today:

   IANA has reserved, for Private Use, a contiguous block of 1023
   Autonomous System numbers from the "16-bit Autonomous System Numbers"
   registry, namely 64512 - 65534 inclusive.
the documentation ranges are:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

OSX juniper network connect client has littered your ipv4 routing table with corrupt entries and you need a usable machine again.

sudo -s -- 'killall Network\ Connect ; networksetup -setv4off Wi-FI ; networksetup -setdhcp Wi-Fi'

will do the business...

that murders off the current network connect client

flushes the ipv4 routing table and all ipv4 state associated with the wifi interface and starts it back up again. Oddly this is a big improvement over rebooting twice a week. (and no shutting off the wifi and doing a route -n flush is not suffient).

Monday, October 15, 2012

Downsizing what I carry...

By joel jaeggli from east palo alto on 10/14/2012


4out of 5

Pros: Lightweight , High Quality, Attractive

Describe Yourself: Practical, Modern

Was this a gift?: No


I ordered this because I've been looking to downsize into a smaller bag. (the former one was a custom size larger messenger. This involved among other things buying a new laptop.

The EULA indicates that it doesn't quite fit the 11" macbook air. superficially this is true however the dimensions are so close that it wedges in without trouble. none of the timbuk2 sleeves appear to be sufficiently compact to hold an 11" air and fit. So, wool felt sleeve purchased elsewhere solves this issue.

the EULA would be perfect for this application if it were ~ 1/2" larger in width/depth. The back sleeve if you order will not fit the macbook air 11" but does fit an ipad in a protective jacket.

result is, I get:

macbook air
micro4/3 camera with pancake lens
power supply
assorted cables in the old medium size timbuk2 clear bag
passport sleeve

and it's full but not bulging.

The eula could be perfect, It isn't but it's rather good. given that it's made of the same material (indeed same color/fabric/lining) as my custom messener I expect that in 5 years I'll still be using it unless I've had to go back to a larger computer. the strap length adjustor is friction based and is not as stiff as the strap adjustor on the larger bags, so it periodically requires adjustment.

eula, loaded


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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

not installing a bunch of junk in your fib.

you have a route reflector running in a logical system in junos...

the thing has 400k routes but it doesn't really need them, in fact they're just cluttering up the fib.


routing-options {
forwarding-table {
export [ logical-system-fib-compress reject-all ];

policy-options {

policy-statement logical-system-fib-compress {
from protocol [ direct static isis ];
then accept;
policy-statement reject-all {
then reject;


now you've got some igp routes for local color a sensible default and a rib of essentially arbitrary size.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

emacs keys

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Magic screen incantion:

caption string "%H %c %w"
bind f eval "caption splitonly"
bind F eval "caption always"

Found here

Coupled with:

alias host="ssh username@host -t screen -RR -D"

Means I'm always in the same screen session on that system.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Junos 11.1

Appears to dropped on schedule at the end of q1...

now to put that in the lab.

see what other bundles of joy have fallen in/out as a result.

SSH keep-alive interval...

Adjustiing the ssh keepalive interval down is an essential part of traversing nat translation and stateful inspection devices that reap stale or idle connections...

There are basically three place this parameter can be tuned.

in the sshd_config (to adjust on the server daemon)

ClientAliveInterval 30

in the ssh_config (to adjust for the client on a system-wide basis)

ServerAliveInterval 30

or in the user's ~/.ssh/config file (to adjust just for yourself)

ServerAliveInterval 30

what's the right interval?

I'm persistently afraid of timers with a 60 second interval so I aimed to get below that. A proper approach would be 3x the number of keep-alives as the theoretical timer (60s) but 30s is still about 86400 packets a month just to keep this session alive so increasing the frequency if this works is somewhat wasteful.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

spotted in frankfurt...

I think that's actually O2 rather than a nokia store but it adequately delivers on the point.
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