Thursday, December 28, 2006

1800 pair cat-3 cable


Cut (planned not accidental) as part of a construction project on the U of O campus. Looks like some kind of psychedelic clown hair. Weighs several pounds per foot... This is the legacy pstn infrastructure, that's a lot of 2 wire analog phones... Really easy to expand that thing when you run out of pairs. Posted by Picasa



Adapted a means of propagation where the package is sufficiently rugged that it can survive long trips by sea with external propulsion (wind waves). Oddly enough with the advent of humans beings the coconuts have adapted and are now propagating via postal mail. Posted by Picasa

first road-trip in the civic hybrid


44.3MPG in 243 miles of mized highway secondary and city driving... Still have a quarter of my first tank of gas left. Posted by Picasa