Monday, April 16, 2007

Informit's "pimp my n800" article...

Recommendations for mostly security related packages to be installed on the n800. Makes it and overall more useful device.

Placeholder note for nokia (symbian) vpn client issues...

I've been working on using the nokia mobile vpn client on the phones, which frankly isn't as easy to use as it should be. This entry is the catchall for mobile vpn related materials.

The vpn client is know to work with cisco vpn 3000, nokia ip vpn, and checkpoint vpn-1. configuring it to work against other vpn endpoints shouldn't be extremely hard, though testing a configuration requires creating an installer so the debug cycle can be a bit protracted. The phone is not highly verbose in idicating what's wrong so you need accessto the vpn endpoint in order ot do reasonable debugging.

Roughly speaking the course of action goes something like this:
  1. configure vpn endpoint
  2. adjust text configuration files to taste
  3. generate an installer
  4. sign the installer
  5. install on phone
  6. activate profile
Mobile vpn on the eseries article from

Above article links to a bundle of tools to build a vpn client config by hand.

Nokia Europe discussion board on vpns

usenet news discussion on cisco vpn

Thursday, April 12, 2007

We really suffer in california...

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New bluetooth gps actually works pretty well...

In a building even...

The pictured app is maemo mapper with the google earth map set enabled. The location got gradually more refined as the the thing settled down the red blob is the path that presumably was caused by multipath interference from the concrete and steel overhead.
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Lucy you missed it!

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