Monday, September 19, 2005

if you can't beat em...

Join em. I guess... So I've been trying to get this laptop to run at it's native resolution for a couple of months now, (1920x1200) and the best I've managed under fedora core4 was 1600x1080.

But there appear to be a couple people running ubuntu who've gotten both the display and acpi sleep working, on this or similar laptops so I figured I would give it a shot. What pushed me over the edge was yesterdays xorg pacakge updates in fedora core 4 broke my xorg.conf config which in all fairness to fedora was hanging by a thread anyway.

So my "old" 80GB 5400rpm laptop drive is swapped out right now and an "older" 20GB 4200rpm drive that sounds like death warmed over has been swapped in.

Sure enough, with a minor tweak to the video bios X comes up in 1920x1200, yeah baby 2.3 million pixels.

So, the folks that have the latitude d610 models and the inspiron 9300 models both of which appear to share common components with the 6000 have gotten acpi sleep to work on this thing. If that works, then I am really and truelly set on this thing, the fact that I may end up running some bizare debian related abomination not-withstanding. it's eitehr that or muck this stuff back into fedora, which I may or may not have the energy for.


excellent latitud d610 page:

inspiron 9300 page with some kernel hacks:

a slightly less useful ubuntu page on the 6000 which got me headed in the right direction at least:

two debian pages:


Anonymous said...

debian bigot.

joelja said...

heh maybe.

It actually works with ubuntu. I'm pretty sure it would be just as bunged with sarge as it is with fc4. The whole update catosrophe didn't help that much either.