Friday, September 02, 2005

hitachi disks a a global brand

Hitachi trying to sell disks as something other than a commidity...
Follows the get perpendicular theme, disks as bling. I would suppose that they're trying to build a global brand, which is sort of an interesting thing given that they make so many other products.

I see hard-disks as a necessary evil nothing more. The sooner we get off spinning media the better. If the bit error rate is still related to the number of write cycles, I'm ok with that but when mechcanical wear is still an issue, it just totally sucks. I spent the last week trying to get out from under a failing 1TB raid stripe, restoring the data only started at 1400 friday... By monday I should be golden unless another disk fails.

Well crap! spoke to soon... Another machine failed this evening or well probably about a week ago and it took this long to get really bad. yet another disk problem, or in this case two disk problems, mysql filled up the disk stripe, and one of the disks failed out of the stripe.

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