Thursday, July 14, 2005

Some thoughts for today...

fingerworks has apparently gone down the tubes, so your opportunity to a get a wierd shaped smooth keyboard that's somewhat hard to use has diminished slightly. I'll post a picture of the one we have laying around sometime. After a couple days of using it my input speed never really improved so I gave up on it, but being able to use to mouse dirctly from the keyboard was pretty novel and performance enhancing, sort of like using a vary large touch pad except without have to change your hand position.

An iptables primer that I should probably spend more time with is here:

I finally noticed that a new version of the BigSister monitoring daemon was released last month so I spent a couple hours this morning (wakeful at 0300 is not healthy), upgrading ours and hacking on it for a little while since it had grown some serious cruft since the last time I touched it. I'm still having problem with ranges on the thing with certain stats, interfaces and counters, servers are not supposed to be 400% idle nor is it possible to utilize a gigabit ethernet to 647% of it's capacity.

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