Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Some links about the Nokia 770

When I first heard about this thing I was slightly less than enthused. Now I'm not sure. As a Zaurus owner, I'd like linux pda's to work, it was just that with the Zaurus I spent more time noodling with it as a linux box then I did with it as a pda.

For me the compeling pda was actually the palm IIIx, long battery life, and not too functional, everytime I get something more functional I get frustrated when the input methods aren't good enough or it ends up being less than a general purpose computer. The hp winCE 1.0 device, the palm, the clie, the other clie, the zaurus, not one of them really lived up to the promise... The palm at least lived up to it's potential, which was limited.


nokia 770 sdk

Ari Jaaksi Interview

linux devices

jkontherun hands on

blogs (already, the thing doesn't even exist yet)

some screenshots from developed applications

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