Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Requirements for next mobile phone...

Currently I use a Nokia 3650 purchased Sept 2003. which is starting to show it's age, never the less it has a few features I'm begining to find it hard to live without.

  • Web browser - I paid for the opera for series 60 OS, it's functional if not exactly pretty, typing is the only real impediment to complete usage. It's very useful for checking the weather, flights, news and so on.
  • Calender - The calender is functional... It can be populated by ical via isync on a mac, which is what makes it trully useful. nokia pc suite can probably do that as well but since I try and avoid running windows as much as possible, there you have it.
  • Camera - As it turns out, a camera in a phone isn't a toy, it's a business tool. the camera in the 3650 isn't great, but it's usable.
  • Bluetooth - syncing from your pocket is nice, no cables, no ir , beautiful.
  • Speakerphone - Useful, use it way more than I ever did similar functionality on my desk phone.

Things I realy wish a new phone would have...

  • Qwerty keyboard, would be a massive lifestyle improvement for some applications.
  • Slightly better camera would be nice.
  • Higher resolution screen, current one is 176x220.

So uh? What phones meet those criterion? hm... Maybe the Treo 650, which suffers the affliction of palmos. The Nokia 9300 has no camera, the sidekick 2 has no bluetooth, the nokia 9500 has pretty much everything but it's also kind of a brick. Sony ericsson p910?

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