Sunday, April 03, 2005

PSP - Bigger than Cocaine?

So my premiss as I explained over a couple to many beers the other day to some folks is that as long as sony doesn't fuck it up, the psp will probably end up being the biggest handheld computing platform ever (there are more than 30 million ps2s in the US)... How would the fuck it up you say? Break applications developed for it, wrap all the content in drm, agressivly prosecute people who come up with novel uses for the thing, abitrarily restrict the use of the wireless networking... The ps2 has more or less resisted being used as a general purpose computer, despite the ability of the orignal model to take a hard-disk, the availability of a linux development kit, and general purpose i/o through usb, it's still just a game platform that you reboot everytime you swap games with little or no persistent storage other than the tiny memory card...

Of course there's also the nintendo DS which has some obviously more novel input methods, but nowhere near as much storage, cpu or expansion potential.

psp irc client

psp web browser

linux on nintendo ds

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