Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Some URL's

Some dude who lives outside Hiroshima and teachs english in junior high...
dave ahlman's japan

Harbinger of things to come....
crappy picture of 7 mega pixel camera phone

New laptops. Two users have run linux on dell Inspiron 6000 pci-express laptop none on 9300 yet.

dutch debian

english mandrake

Things I'd be interested in compared to my current dell (Inspiron 4150) are working 3d acceleration, the ability to suspend to ram, a larger screen. The current Dell has a Radeon 7500 which is better supported than newer chipsets, but slow. The current Dell can use apm so in general it sleeps although occasionally it doesn't wake up, The new ones would all have to use acpi suspend which I've had pretty horrible experiences with on pretty much every linux machine I've ever used it on.

The Inspiron 6000 can have a 1920x1200 15.4" display the 9300 a 1920x1200 17". the Inspiron 9300 has either Radeon x300 or Geforce 6800, the 6000 either Intel integrated or Radeon x300. I suspect that either the Intel or the Nvidia would be more appropiate for linux than the x300 at this point.

Some company that takes regular white mac products and makes the fruit flavored.


Paint even applied in automotive process is gonna get the shit bunged out of it on any device you handle a lot. for metal powder coating would probably work, but color infused platic is still the best way. If apple still did color that would be cool. at one point I was in possession of both blueberry and grape imacs which are at least asthetically pleasing if not terribly well performing...

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