Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Just a note on phones as mp3 player

Just as an observation, now that every vendor in the west has decided that phones should be mp3 players I have a few things to say about that. First the japanese are making a go at it, so go over there and look...

First put a damn mini jack on the thing. If you think a cellphone headset or bluetooth has sufficient fidelity for serious music listening, you'd be wrong. If you think that stupid proprietary port on the bottom or side of your phone is adequate for this applicattion you'd be wrong... People want to use decent headphones, they don't care for a wired remote, the phone is small enough, they don't care for a wireline mic, the mic in the phone is fine.

Second, if you don't bundle the storage capactiy for a decent number of tunes people will drop your product like a hot rock. The price of a 1GB flash card to add to your phone is vanishingly close to that of a whole mp3 player and the hard-drive ones have 1.5x to 60x the capacity of your 1gb flash card. BTW, the Cornice hard drives are 14 whole grams if you can't figure out how to put one in a phone then you're stupid. Samsung can do it.

gizmodo samsung 3GB hd

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