Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The retail experience for a PDA is pretty horrible...


The market for stand-alone non-phone devices is evaporating at a rapid clip, but even so there used to be dozens of products in this space, heck there used to be other palm-os liscensees. The smell of defeat is in the air.

This is the environment in which you have to make a purchasing decision though? Breakfast cerial box displays are better organized than this. Partially that's the fault of fry's but it's not like office-depot or comp-usa is better, and if anything fry's has more devices. You're better off, buying sight-unseen online. I looks to me like HP who basically invented the PDA business with msdos running palmtops (hp lx) may end up being the last player in the marketplace for a straight-up pda though since they do windows smart phones as well who knows. Posted by Picasa

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