Monday, July 17, 2006

Playinging with Parallels

So, my initial approach was to install it on the new windows box so that I could run an instance of fedora core 5 on top of it. The default mode for networking appears to be to bridge parallel's private network interface which is shared with the virutal machines to one of of your network interfaces. For some reason the guest could not in fact see the dhcp response even though running tcpdump reveleaed that packets from the external interface were making it to the internal network... It is possbile that this has something to do with the windows firewall. I disabled it for testing purposes and it didn't appear to make a difference.

My quick and dirty solution was simply to enable internet connection sharing and treat the Parallels network as though it were the internal private network . Notwithstanding the joys of nat, that's probably saner anyway because static ip's can now be enabled on each of the guests and they can still talk to the outside world... Not sure what to do about IPV6 at this point.

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