Monday, April 24, 2006

What's a Smart go for?

About $27,000 (this is the zap dealer in kirkland)

That's the 700cc turbo model which is the only one they import. (which
gets just north 40mpg highway)

The same model in the UK (smart passion which is the high trim line) is 8230GBP which is $14,721 at current exchange rates. In canada the only engine available is the 800cc cdi diesel (40HP), in the base model, it start's at $16,700cad or $14,703 US. That model gets ~3.7l/100km or in the neighborhood of 60mpg.

So zap has someone mananged to deliver the smart for somewhere in the neighborhood of the average sticker price of the prius which seems a little excessive if you ask me...

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