Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Spotted on irc...

<fearnor> what makes me wonder is how come we can't plug a fucking levee
but we can drop a bomb in saddam's eye
<AMAG> They were there to stop people from hurting eachother not to
protect property
<villan> ha
<duncan-> fearnor: not enough terrorists in new orleans
<villan> ah
<fearnor> duncan: war on hurricanes
<fearnor> "we will not let 300 dead americans be in vain"
<fearnor> "either you are with us, or you are with hurricanes"
<fearnor> bomb all nations harboring hurricanes
<arp> "we will shine the flashlight of justice into these tairist weather
<fearnor> "bring it on"
<duncan-> "let's roll"
<duncan-> im sorry
<duncan-> "let's roll" TM
<fearnor> "they will never get tired of thinking how to hurt america.
neither will we".
<Sabboth> I will be the star that will shine by its own light

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