Friday, February 25, 2005

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banana bunker


I suppose it fits in the long tradition of japanese dating simulations, princess raising games, sister buggering games and so forth, excepting for the distincit lack of a payout in the form of pr0n, and the fact that your virtual girlfriend demands gifts that cost real money. A marriage been the quasi legal currency and stuff markets for online games like Everquest and Ultima Online and legitmate business enterprise that turns currency into fake stuff you can give to your fake girlfriend. Does she put on the pounds when you take her to fake Wendy's for a Fake cheeseburger that you have buy with real money or would that be just to realistic.

Pretty soon you'll be renting this software by the hour, I'm betting, at which point v-girl better put out.

I'm a big fan of what might be called lifestyle reality simulation software. As someone who spent way to much time playing with muds in the distant past, and for a brief but intense while, the sims, I see much possiblity in this area. When you phone is able to be more effective portal between the real and the virtual world, gps type location, input through the camera, and exchange of info with other gamers through the network of some local area adhoc network like bluetooth, wifi, and zigbee are areas where the games haven't really explored... If there's one the for certain though, a rich interoperable platform needs to exist for this to escape beyond a niche and I'm not sure existing phone handsets have one yet...

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